eDecree Security Measures

Given our focus on enterprise clients, including legal and insurance processes, we recognize the need for security when providing our transcription services. 

eDecree has several different typing options depending on client requirements for security and privacy. These include offshore staff, onshore outsourced contract staff and in-office staff at our Toronto office location.  All audio review, quality control and audit staff is in-office at our Toronto location. For clients that require all work be done in-office, the security protocol is as follows:

  • The main doors to the office are always locked, with access restricted to employees only.
  • No electronic recording devices are permitted on the production floor. Employees have access to lockers where they leave their cell-phones prior to entering the floor.  
  • All files are processed on password protected employee workstations, and stored on internal network file servers. This entire internal infrastructure is protected by a firewall and regularly updated anti-virus software.
  • Through domain access control measures, staff only have access to accounts/projects they are authorized to work on.  Staff internet access is limited to sites that are required to process client work.
  • Team leads have access to appropriately password protected corporate email accounts for client communication. If clients require password protected attachments, they are provided with the same. In most cases, we upload client files directly into their systems to ensure a completely protected closed loop.

In addition to the above security measures, our offices are protected by a monitored alarm system that is armed outside of office hours to ensure no external breach of our facilities.