Legal Transcription

For the past 15 years, eDecree has specialized in legal transcripts.  Our highly skilled staff typists and reviewers are familiar with legal language and the challenges associated with transcribing audios with strong accents, multiple speakers and high background noise.  Depending on your requirement, our turnaround times vary from next business day to 15 business days. 

Contact us to set up a pilot.

Are you a law firm looking to outsource your dictation or get transcripts of meetings? 

Dictate your discovery reports and client reporting letters.  Use your phone to record your next meeting.  Email us your dictation or upload it to a secure file share location that we can set up for you. 

Are you a criminal lawyer getting ready for your client’s trial?

Request a recording of your client and other witness testimony, and we can provide you with verbatim transcripts to help you with trial prep.

Are you a court reporter looking for assistance with deposition and discovery transcripts?

You spend all day in court supervising the recording and taking notes of the proceeding.  We are here to help you with the transcripts.  When a transcript is requested, share the notes and recording with us.  We will provide you with a transcript.  You can either use it as is, or format it as per your court requirements, and release it. 

Are you looking for transcripts for emergency service calls?

We can either provide offline transcripts of the calls, or enter them directly into your systems. 

Are you a court or tribunal that needs transcripts of proceedings?

We currently do work for multiple federal and provincial courts and tribunals across Canada, including Crown Prosecution offices.  We would be happy to help you.